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The business of a minority

That of the owners of the large game reserves and hunting companies, who are dedicated to the mass breeding and sale of animals with the sole objective of repopulating the hunting grounds exterminated of our native fauna after each hunting season.

Deer, mouflon, roe deer, wild boar, partridges, pigeons, pheasants, rabbits, hares, quail, foxes and different species of waterfowl are the animals that hunters kill for fun, in ways such as terrible “hunts”, the “beatings of wild boars”, fox hunting “with burrowing dogs” or rabbit hunting “with their teeth”, among other.


These cruel hunting practices require dogs that are trained for this purpose.

“Disposable” dogs

According to the various hunters’ organisations, one million dogs were available for hunting in the containment decreed on 14 March 2020. Hunters, galgueros, rehaleros, podenqueros keep hundreds of thousands of greyhounds, podenco, alanos, bracos, bodegueros, bretones and other dogs. living in appalling conditions, tied down with chains permanently, living in their own faeces, many sleeping in the open, without adequate veterinary care, in dark and damp dens, they are cared for on average every three days and only come out during the hunting season, mainly on Sundays, many of them getting lost while hunting or finding their own feces in the open. death with severe injuries.

These dogs, when their owners are already are not useful for hunting, they try to sell or trade them to other hunters, but most of them are discarded, abandoned on the streets, handed over to kennels or public animal collection services in the service of hunters where they are sacrificed,others suffer a worse fate, thrown into pits or ditches, shot dead or hanged as “traditionally” has been done with greyhounds.

Greyhounds are traditionally hanged when they are no longer useful for hunting.

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We cannot continue to allow hunters to continue to systematically mistreat dogs in order to use them in a practice as cruel and unnecessary in this day and age as hunting.

The feeling of our society is in the majority to ask our Government to ban hunting with dogs, this would be a great victory and the beginning of the end of the barbarity of hunting.

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